We’ve all been there, passed by there, ate a hamburger there, met someone there and heard about there. This site is about “there”…Somewhere, Texas. I enjoy people, food and places. More than faces, tastes and sights, it’s the essence of the three together that make the story. Nothing more, nothing less, but a simple story. If I could travel anywhere, it would be “there.” My goal is to give you the experience through my eyes, as I see, taste and enjoy my walk, my life. Maybe enough that you might want to go and taste on your own, make new memories to inspire you, to share with someone. Here, you’ll meet the people, the characters which have made impressions in my soul, the flavors that make my common everyday special. To quote Nick Jonas, oh yes, I’m about to quote a Jonas Brother here, here I [me] am “…At times confusing, Slightly amusing…Introducing me!” Please stroll through my pages and simply take them for what they are. Thank you for visiting and welcome to my Texas.

I have a passion for music, a bit eclectic and a bit goofy, but I love the stuff. As the rhythms flow through my soul, so will they flow through this site little hidden treasures completing thoughts or moments. Enjoy!