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About as random as I can get. Just a page full of nothing…but small snippets of everything. Mind Candy. Things seen, heard, touched and simply enjoyed if just for swim. Enjoy!

KD’s BBQ, Midland, Tx.

For a barbecue spot, this is what I love to see. Rustic, worn and welcoming. This Somewheretexas is KD’s BBQ, Midland, TX. This is Texas barbecue people. A nice stop, some delicious barbecue and Texas hospitality. The porks ribs were a good snap in the bite as the meet eventually would come off the bone, sausage, a great bark and flavor on the brisket. Juicy and attitude. I didn’t try the sweet bbq sauce, but the bold spicy sauce, worth a dip from my bread. Yes! Oh yeah, the sweet tea is a great chaser. KD’s, keep doing what you’re doing.

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Larry’s Better Burger, Abilene, Tx.

Just do it! All I have to say. This place is as original as they come. Living history of a burger drive in, family owned and operated and a community that stands behind it. A surviving mom and pop shop still serving the love. Yes, the burgers are that good. Memories in every bite. Stop reading this and start making your plans for the trip!

For the beast inside you: 4 Large Burgers for $10 or 6 Small Burgers for $9.50! Yeah baby!



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The Purple Goat does Chicken and Waffles, Stephenville, Tx.

PurpleGoat_006If you’ve ever asked yourself “which came first, the chicken or the egg” question, or contemplated it among your friends over a few drinks in a humorous spirit, well The Purple Goat in Stephenville, Tx has found the answer. Both. They arrived with a bang together. I’m talking Chicken and Waffles my friends! An acoustical dish if I ever found one. Pure, simple and unadulterated. No, this wasn’t my first concert with the duo, but on this gig I was front row! They did it right. No backup singers, no synthesizers, just clean music. Okay, that may be a bit thick, but hey, it was deliciously good. The waffle was perfect. Fluffy, crispy slightly kissed by sweetness itself.  The chicken was perfectly fried. The savory twin of crunch, juicy…not greasy. In short, ORDER IT!!! The service staff hummed around us like a well orchestrated machine, small things which make a great experience. You know it’s a customer driven establishment when, which I believe he was, management comes out to check on the table and then asks, “Sweet or Unsweet?”, with two pitchers in his hands. Gold. Before you go and Google this place, let me also suggest the Fried Avocado for your appetizer. For me, it was different and a very nice surprise. It wasn’t a big chunk deep fried, they were eight, panko crusted slices of golden yumminess! Definitely put them on your must stop list. If you’re thirsty, well, check out their wall of tap, which I just labeled it, of local and Texas brews among others. A spacious dining area and a large patio area. It just spelled fun! But hey, for me, they had me at “Chicken and Waffles.” Eat well my friends.

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Eve’s Cafe, Lampassas, Tx.

Eves_Cafe_001When “day tripping'” be prepared to take a wrong turn here or there. But breathe, it’s okay. It’s all part of the trip. Besides, all roads lead to good food. Segway here to Eve’s Cafe. On the square in Lampassas, Texas. Worth the search and the stop. German food and what we heard, great hamburgers! The kind officer that stopped me for speeding, warning only, recommended that Thursday was hamburger day at Eve’s. What a great find. Nestled between two buildings, this cafe served up exactly what we had read, good food! Friendly and great work staff. The collection of marionettes hanging from the wall was interesting I must say. One waitress let us know that they were all gifts from customers. Most of the decorations and collections on the walls were gifts and all from Germany. A nice variety of schnitzel to choose from, brats and strudel! And yes, they make their own deserts. You won’t see any dessert pictures here because I was so amazed and ready to eat that I actually forgot to snap a pic. But, I did buy extra desserts to go! Ha! The salad came with this dressing that was pretty dang good. I need to go back and ask what it was or contained. If any of you know, comment please. Overall, it was a really cool place to go and I would definitely go back. I’m not a schnitzel expert, but it was tender with a nice crust and the flavors made me smile. Does that work? It was a nice ending to the trip. You could say it was a “day trip trifecta”! All I can do is recommend. The experience for me was great. 

Make sure you check out their FaceBook page @evescafegermanlampasas !! You’ll see the desserts I was talking about. I had the cake on the bottom right to go!!!

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Fiesta Winery. Bend, Tx.

Fiesta_Winery_001“Take a hike, have some wine!” Not sure if that’s an actual saying, but it is now! Fiesta Winery in Bend, Tx. Just a short drive around the corner from Colorado Bend State Park. Wasn’t sure what to expect, but the sign on the gate said “Tasting Room” and “Open.” I wouldn’t consider myself a wine connoisseur, but I like it, enjoy it and have had good wine and bad wine. So, at least I know what “I” like and don’t. It’s just past midday on this Thursday, so we kinda have the place to ourself. I like it already. Our hostess, Leann (hope spelling is close, if not, I apologize), is very welcoming and helpful. She explains the tasting and does a very good job of describing the variety of wines. Sample after sample, we are politely asked our thoughts and given some feedback. It was an enjoyable and refreshing time. Somewhere in my mid tasting, I was recommended a white merlot…WINNER! I was pleasantly surprised and had my souvenir for the day. Do try the dessert wines. One on its own could be dessert. Yes, a bottle of it did make it into the car. Again, I am not any expert on the subject by no means, but, God bless the grape!

I would recommend this stop to anyone in the area. For the wine lovers out there, I’d recommend the trip. They have so much to offer at their facilities. Look them up on the web or here on FaceBook for more details.

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Gorman Falls, Colorado Bend State Park

A drive, a walk a hike and BAM! Along the trail we pass two hikers on their way back. It was early and the heat was just building up. You could see that they were already pretty worn. They stopped and said they didn’t find the falls. That was a little discouraging, but hey, we didn’t get dressed up for nothing…we trudge forward. Further down the path I stop and listen, I could hear it, the falls, they were there. Picking up the pace in excitement, hearing the water splashing against rock as it falls and the trickle of the stream. It’s a hidden little Texas treasure that is a must see, at least once. Find it on the map, Google Map it, something, just find it and go. There’s more than the falls. Hang tight for my next post…did I say “wine?”

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    Stripes. Fuel, fountain drinks and clean restrooms. Oh, and never forget the bargain “Gran Tocino!” Safe and must travel stop.
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    Southside Market, Elgin, Tx. A must stop for any BBQ enthusiast. If even just to load up!
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    Fresh prime meat and sausage. Cooked of uncooked. Be the cook or play one on TV!
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    When you care to send the very best!
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    Dan Dan Noodles! Really, are you kidding me! Small things I miss from the big city. Pei Wei…yeah, just good stuff.
  • Out & About
    Crab Rangoons just a bit of gold.
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    Kung Pao Shrimp Rolls, why not, they looked good.
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    Simply because it’s cool!
  • Out & About
    Corner Store Valero, Lampasas, Tx. Another safe and “swell” stop! Clean and full of staying awake mind fuel.
  • Out & About
    Whoopie Pies! Yes, you heard right. Made fresh daily!
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    F’real Shakes!! Kids love ’em, all love ’em and they got ’em! Pick your flavor.
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    Not everyone digs them, but I do. I could eat my way around the world stopping at every gas station to see if they had them…this Corner Store did!
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    Yes, they have coffee as well…a variety at that!
JUNE 4 DAY TRIP : GRAHAM, TEXAS So I'm working with a client and she mentions Food Truck Championship of Texas. That was all I heard from there forward. I googled immediately and I was mentally already there. Despite the fact that I love food, I love Food Truck food! Find me a roach coach at 2:00am and I'm in heaven. Well, not actually "heaven" heaven, but pretty much "heaven!" (what?!) Stay with me here. Not only is it the food, but the road trip through "somewhere" and I was going. So, here are the spoils of my day. Enjoy…I did! Graham, Texas, I was there!
  • Ready, set...

    Ready, set...

    All it took was a line and there I was.
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    Lobster Roll, hot, buttery and full of goodness!
  • Holy Frijole!

    Holy Frijole!

    The artwork on some of these was just creatively amazing.
  • On the cob

    On the cob

    Street corn…on the cob! Queso fresco, cilantro, crema, lime and spice salt. Yes, it was good.
  • In a boat

    In a boat

    Street corn…not on the cob. Same goodness just mixed in loose. Different trucks, different tastes, but general same deliciousness!
  • As far as the eye can see

    As far as the eye can see

    I don’t know which thing before me was more beautiful, the skies or the food?
  • Toadally


    Didn’t have any, but it looked cool! Ha! Get it…”Cool!” Yeah, ok, yes, I’m a dork sometimes!
  • Santa Anna Gals

    Santa Anna Gals

    Yes, running into Santa Anna Celebrities!! Or I like to think of them as such! Here are Those Santa Anna Gals having some grub and fun in the sun…Texas sun!
  • Yeah, I like flowers…Texas flowers!

    Yeah, I like flowers…Texas flowers!

    Passing the field just demanded a turn around and photo opportunity and just a nice stop.
  • Court House

    Court House

    They don’t make them like this anymore.
  • High Water

    High Water

    Recent storms have brought some heavy waters through these parts.
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  • Out & About
JUNE 5 : QUICK RIDE I like to ride. I'm not a hard core biker, but I like to ride. Riding is part of the enthusiasm I have for doing this site as rides take one through the back roads, by ways and highways which are tucked away and by passed by life sometimes. I ride a 2003 Sportster (Harley) 883, not much of a bike to some, but it's my bike and we've been through a lot. My friends tell me to ride theirs so I can see the difference and comfort. Well, my comfort is in what I know and all I know at this time is my bike and where we've been and she's been good to me. Yes, I just called my bike "she." I'm a purest, I like it, it does what I need and takes me and brings me back just like everyone else's. Okay, so we ran out of gas once…once! (that's another story) Anyways, in short, here we are and this was today.
  • Black and White

    Black and White

    Just because I like the shot. That’s my smoker in the back. Yes, it’s an old refrigerator. That’s another post.
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    Because she looks good!
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    Road stops. Texas rocks the road side stops!
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    Up at a friends then off to the lake.
  • Hords Creek Lake

    Hords Creek Lake

    Hords Creek Lake. Small lake but beautiful with great picnic and camps area.
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  • That's what friends are for

    That's what friends are for

  • Out & About
    Hey, so I got hungry!

Hill Country Two Day Ride

  • The Ride

    The Ride

  • Local at Albert, Texas getting some lunch.

    Local at Albert, Texas getting some lunch.

  • Albert, Texas Food Truck. FIND IT!!! GO!! NOW!!

    Albert, Texas Food Truck. FIND IT!!! GO!! NOW!!

  • Chickens, yes, chickens. Luckenbach, Tx.

    Chickens, yes, chickens. Luckenbach, Tx.

  • Simply Said.

    Simply Said.

  • Shade Tree Saloon, Spring Branch, Tx

    Shade Tree Saloon, Spring Branch, Tx

  • Water sometimes is just plain good!

    Water sometimes is just plain good!

  • Couldn't help but stop and take a quick snap.

    Couldn't help but stop and take a quick snap.

  • Yeah, the fence kept us from the other side.

    Yeah, the fence kept us from the other side.

  • A song and a dance.

    A song and a dance.