Joe Garcia III

History Written in Art, by Joe Garcia II

Joe has resided in Austin Texas since 1993. Originally from West Texas, Joe calls Lubbock home.

His influence comes from a variety of cultures and sub cultures. As he explain to his clients, “growing up Mexican American, you grow up with the best of both worlds. He adds, “in my world in the 70s and 80s, I could be watching Elvis Presley sing, girate, and a lot of bad acting and on the same day watch Vicente Fernandez singing, wimpering, and yes more bad acting. But that’s the life of a Mexican American, at least it is mine.”

To look through Joe’s paintings, dating back to 2004 you will find how this artist evolved artistically from the days of painting as a hobby to the current days of not accepting anything less than being an artist for the remainder of his days.

Aside from his culture, Joe draws from his large family and is greatly encouraged and assisted by his wife Mary R Garcia.

Joe Garcia III’s worked can be viewed online or you may also view his Art at the San Antonio Square Market Square (every weekend) including various art show engagements around the Austin Texas area.

For more information and more art from Joe, visit his website here:

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