Rogue Kitchen, Wall, Texas

Nestled just Southeast of San Angelo, at about 11 miles or so, slightly off the Highway 87 you’ll find the Community of Wall. You blink, you’ll miss it. If you’re hungry or in for an adventure, I would recommend not to blink and give the effort to exit into the loop. There, you’ll find the Rogue Kitchen. Stop! We specifically went in search for restaurant off a suggestion and were not disappointed. If you look it up on Google Maps, you’ll see a description of “Comfort food, Quick bite, Casual,” and yes, it was that and more. They left off delicious with a flair of great hospitality. What a nice place. You walk in and it’s sleek, clean with a feel of a small town diner. Fresh baked desserts displayed letting you know that you need to leave room for dessert. If anything, a cookie. I had the Lemon Snickerdoodle, I think that’s what they called it, it was an immediate hit and I’d actually just go back for that. Spacious seating and by observance, and ours, friendly and patient servers. Did I mention clean? The food is great and lives up to the description off the menu. We just ordered a variety to get a feel for the menu and let me tell you, we were feeling it and will be back. Garlic Fries, order them! Nice and crispy, not greasy! Go ahead, ask me, “What about the prices?” What about them?!?!?!? Very reasonable and you get more than what you pay for. We had tacos, smoke pot roast, salads and dessert and still had money left over for gas for our 80 plus miles back home.

Okay, so, in short: “The Rogue Kitchen in Wall, TX, Ride, Drive, Pedal…Go, Eat, Relax…Enjoy! Soon!!” Good food, good people, good trip! A well thought out restaurant, I could taste the pride!

Did I mention all day breakfast? Definitely coming back for that!!

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