A Moment of Perspective…life is the game.

SixMan_SBL_smI take all photos posted on this page and the SomeWhereTexas site, but this time I have to credit my youngest son. He showed it to me and I said to myself, “Yes!” Great perspective and moment. I try and encourage the boys to take photos as they see the moment and life through their own eyes. I want them to show me what I’m missing and I want them to show me their world. Well, friends, here’s one moment caught from a 13 year olds perspective (soon to be 14 he’ll remind me). This shot was his moment, September 15th of 2017 at a Six Man football game. One day he’ll be on the other end being captured by someone else, capturing a frame of time. If you study it, I’m sure it’ll bring many memories for you. You can probably feel the anticipation in the air, maybe hear the crowd and the loud running of children, a whistle, laughter, or even a train in the distance. I would challenge many of you to study the picture and sort through your mind all the thoughts, emotions and feelings that may have been stirred. Yeah, that’s it. Great job son! Thank you for sharing!

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