Texas Blackberries, Mom and KFC


Blackberries_002Catching the last days of the Central Texas Blackberry season. Can we say jelly!!! Yes, in case you’re mouth watering mind is wondering, the sweet smell is as large as the berries. I remember as a kid my mom delivering blackberry jelly to my uncles and aunts. There’s a picture in my head of one of my uncles driving out to KFC for a box of biscuits for the jelly right after his delivery. Yeah, good memories. No matter where I’m at, I’ll find them. The white blossoms in the early spring revealing their vines that will soon load themselves with sweet sun kissed goodness. Or, the flier up at the local grocery store with a phone number to a blackberry farm! Lol! Either way, it’s now tradition, the picking, the jelly, the sharing. As my mother, I will also give out jar after jar to family and friends. I will give out a jar to memories..old, new and future. Anyone up for some KFC?!