Blacktop Fields

FullSizeRender-1Texas, sometimes those back roads aren’t covered with trees and wild flowers. Nor the grassy hillsides rolling and full of natures beasts frolicking in its shelter. Sometimes the back roads are neighborhoods, blacktop fields riddled with thick air. But the skies are still blue giving a backdrop to the beauty of life. Houston, Texas, we strayed off the main roads taking a slight detour when I saw this wall. Just as beautiful as any live oak, stream or wild flower. As with any natural formation carved by the winds and rains, this wall was also carved and formed by the winds and rains of life…heart. Creative and genius, talented. Not just the mural, but the soul which breathed it to life. Take time and realize that Texas has no boundaries. We are always, somewheretexas. #somewheretexas #houston #art #grafitti#texas #sideroads #mural #life